Facing deadline, most Wisconsin dairy farms find new buyer

Posted April 30, 2017

Facing a shut down over a dispute with Canada, most of Wisconsin's dairy farmers have found new buyers for their milk.

While most Americans probably aren't looking for skim milk powder at the supermarket, it's a major export product (along with nonfat dry milk) because it has low moisture content and a longer shelf life.

Senn said some farmers near Watertown still had found no buyer for their milk. He says they won't get paid as much as they did with Grassland Dairy, but it's close enough to keep them in business.

That's because Grassland Dairy will stop picking up Prosser's milk, forcing him to sign a new contract with Dairy Farmers of America.

For now, those relationships seem to be holding: Exports of skim milk powder and nonfat dry milk powder to Mexico were up 14 percent in January and February from the same period a year earlier, according to the Dairy Export Council, which also stresses that it ships significantly more of the products than the EU.

President Donald Trump, who has pledged to negotiate better trade deals for America, recently joined various state and federal officials in calling on Canada to repeal the policy.

The letter cited the importance of exports to the US dairy industry, noting that approximately 15 percent of USA milk production amounting to roughly $5 billion a year leaves the country.

Trump's reaction to slapping tariffs on Canadian timber could affect a third of the USA housing market and cause home prices to rise. Trade agreements should promote fair trade that that supports farmers of all countries, not just the financial interests of multi-national agribusiness corporations.

"You have nights where you wake up in the middle of the night not knowing what's going to happen", said Navis.

"There's still more work to be done, but we are getting there", Mess said. "Farmers in Wisconsin and NY state are being put out of business".

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging the country to come to an agreement with U.S. dairy producers, while Sen.

Frank Behling milks a small herd, between 55 and 60 cows, on his farm near the Village of Randolph. "When we renegotiate NAFTA, an agreement I opposed, we should make topic No. 1 enforcing existing trade commitments to reverse these restrictive dairy pricing policies".

"As a result of supply management, dairy farmers are bureaucrats, not entrepreneurs. I love Canada. But they've outsmarted our politicians for many years".

Here, for example, is some sharp language U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer used in his missives to the U.S. agriculture secretary and the U.S. trade ambassador.

Walker praised Trump's efforts to defend Wisconsin dairy farming.

Governor Walker has thanked President Trump for taking action and supporting Wisconsin's dairy farmers.

"We are also going to stand up for our dairy farmers", he said.

If you really want to "but think of the children", never take them in the auto for a family drive ever again; even if unpasteurized milk starts hitting the shelves tomorrow, more children will die in automobile accidents this year than from an endless supply of unmanaged milk. Therefore, we hope Trump proceeds carefully, in close consultation with others in the USA federal and state governments. "We have overproduction here in Wisconsin, and we really need to address that here at home", said Lloyd.