North Korea says Syria airstrikes prove its nukes justified

Posted April 12, 2017

Still, the pitched battle over trade policy, on the eve of Trump's meeting with Xi, injected an unpredictable note into an encounter that has been billed mostly as a get-acquainted session for the two leaders.

"Any use of force or pre-emptive strikes against North Korea will carry huge ramifications, which would probably lead to a drastically different outcome compared to Syria", Wang said.

A senior administration official said Trump informed Xi about the strikes as their dinner concluded on Thursday night.

China and the United States agree Pyongyang's programs are a serious problem, but have not seen eye-to-eye on how to respond. "To that end", he said, "we will pursue economic engagement with China that prioritises the economic well-being of the American people".

The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement Sunday lauded the overall success of the U.S.

If Thursday's strike was a warning to other countries, it was one that Pyongyang, which regularly cites U.S. hostility as the driving force behind its nuclear weapons development, is quite familiar with.

In a call on Thursday, a day after North Korea's latest missile test, Abe said he and Trump had agreed the ballistic missile launch was "a risky provocation and a serious threat".

One government official in Seoul pointed out, "The United States has evidence on how North Korea used some Chinese banks and evaded sanctions to gain profit". The official continued, "President Trump emphasized what it expects from China in regard to the North Korea nuclear issue". Until the chemical weapons attack, Trump mainly saw Syria as a hotbed for terrorists seeking to attack the U.S. He rarely spoke of the hundreds of thousands killed and the millions displaced during the six years of clashes between the Assad government, backed by Russian Federation and Iran, and opposition groups.

As with trade, it is likely that China will ably split the difference on the North Korean issue by constricting Pyongyang's financial lifeline, but fall short of completely suffocating the regime.

"There are great differences between the Syria situation and the Korean peninsula situation", Wang said, noting North Korea's conventional military capability to strike back at South Korea in the event of USA military action.

The Chinese commentaries, however, made no mention of the US missile strike on a Syrian government air base, which overshadowed the summit.

But for some of Trump's supporters, ideological elasticity is a virtue for a president who took office with no practical foreign policy experience. The attack against a Syrian air base was the first US assault against the government of President Bashar Assad.

"The Syria attack thoroughly reminds us the fact that it is absolutely risky to have any illusions about imperialism and only military power of our own will protect us from imperialistic aggression", he added.

McMaster, Cornyn and Cardin spoke on "Fox News Sunday", Tillerson appeared on ABC's "This Week" and CBS' "Face the Nation", Haley and Graham were on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Haley also appeared on CNN's "State of the Union".

Both the leaders are in Florida for their first series of face-to-face meetings, where talks on complex issues will take place. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the two sides agreed to speed up trade talks to help close a lopsided imbalance in China's favor, a common campaign-trail complaint of Trump's. "It's important symbolism of the growing rapport between the two countries". But they offered no details about how they planned to achieve that. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said that the two sides agreed to a "100-day plan" aimed at reducing U.S. trade deficit with China.

The proposed executive order is Trump's latest attempt to follow through on his campaign pledge to go after other countries that take advantage of USA trade policies.

USA security concerns with China also focus on Beijing's expansive territorial claims in the strategic South China Sea.