8-year-old was assaulted by classmate before killing himself

Posted May 13, 2017

Attorneys say video from Carson Elementary School shows the boy being bullied inside the boys' bathroom two days before he died.

Gabe lays motionless for more than five minutes as other students stepped over him while pointing, nudging, and kicking him. "I think that's a very big component", Branch said. The video, which you can judge for yourself below, was recorded on January 24.

A Hamilton County coroner's office spokesman said new evidence has prompted the reopening of the suicide investigation of Gabriel Taye, who hanged himself in his bedroom with a necktie on January 26.

"No parent should ever have to question the transparency of school officials when it comes to the health and safety of their child", said a statement from Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof, Republican of Medina, Ohio, and Sen.

"There needs to be a lot more response in that school to what is going on and the parents need to know what's going on", Leader said.

Gabe's mother, Cornelia Reynolds, took the boy to the hospital when he returned home in the afternoon and vomited twice, but he didn't tell his mother what transpired at the school.

"My daughter cries every morning that she doesn't want to come to school", Emery said.

"Mom is called, and she's told that he fainted", Branch said. The school district said it will release the footage after they're able to ensure the privacy of any students featured in the video.

"What we are going to try to do is determine what kind of physical findings may be attributed to injuries he sustained", she said.

Veteran homicide detective Eric Karaguleff, who was called in by the school to investigate the troubling matter involving Taye, reportedly found the incident to be "troubling", but ultimately allowed the education institution to work out their own plans for those who were purportedly involved in the school group melee. Taye remained in the bathroom unconscious for several minutes until he was found by an assistant principal and school nurse.

The Post reports that Reynolds told news station WLWT that her son spent quite a bit of time in the nurse's office at school, and then there were other days when he just wanted to stay home.

The detective told school officials that while he had concerns about the bullying, which could be considered a criminal assault, he added that the school would be better suited to handle the situation because of the children's ages. The school system responded then by saying there had been no reports of bullying at Carson between August and December 2016.

In a statement, Branch's office stood by the assault allegations, stating: "We trust the opinion of a Cincinnati Police Detective".

Gabriel's death came amid a spike in youth suicide in Hamilton County, the Cincinnati Inquirer reported. After his death, she took those as signs that students were bullying him.

Jennifer Branch, another lawyer for the family, said Reynolds had not been told of the alleged incident in the restroom. "Covering it up and pretending it's not happening isn't doing anyone any good".

"How does an 8-year-old become so hopeless?" Reynolds continued. "He just didn't know how to tell me".