Square Enix Announces New RPG Called 'Lost Sphear

Posted May 31, 2017

Tokyo RPG Factory, Square Enix's studio that created I am Setsuna, updated their webpage over the weekend and things looked a little different. Of course these are all features which were included in I Am Setsuna, but this time around they'll be much improved.

The game starts in a remote town where a young boy by the name of Kanata wakes from a dream to find his town disappearing. The adventure takes Kanata and friends through the world to try to save it, using the power of Memory and the ability to turn thoughts into matter. The title will be launched next year for Sony PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch priced at $49.99 for all platforms.

Lost Sphear will also tell the story about a world slowly disappearing. The engine and gameplay in Lost Sphear are almost identical to I Am Setsuna, and the narrator in the trailer was traded for words on the screen and an orchestra for the studio's latest endeavor. This new-age RPG will be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with a limited physical release only being available on the Square Enix Online Store. You may or may not remember Tokyo RPG Factory from February 2016's I Am Setsuna, a turn-based RPG that threw back to the 16-bit era with a top down perspective and combat right out of Chrono Trigger. Modernising the classic JRPG formula for modern players. Tokyo RPG Factory's latest project will be called Lost Spheare. Tokyo RPG Factory says fans can look forward to a "an enhanced gameplay system with a revamped ATB battle system" that allows for placement changes in the middle of battle.