Trump's hotel just got mercilessly trolled by a legendary artist

Posted May 17, 2017

"The rules and the lines are being pushed so far and this seemed to be so clear to me".

Bell said he hopes his projections make people stop and think, and maybe even clap and laugh.

The artist - as well as many passers-by - depicted video and images of the project on his website and social media channels.

Bell told CNN it was the fifth time he's projected a message on the Trump International Hotel, and he has no plans of stopping. Despite the calls for the president to divest from the property, the GSA has sided with Trump, though their ruling hasn't stopped some local businesses from lashing out.

"That is one of the big things that I'm trying to do - using our artwork to explain these stories that are tricky" said Bell, an artist and filmmaker based in the District.

As for his latest projection on the Trump hotel, it stayed up for about 10 minutes. "He said so much that they could figure it out". "They keep on giving us material to work with". "We did it at the right time because everyone is just so utterly depressed and bummed out with what's going on".

"Tonight we got really lucky and we had a great parking spot", he says - one that allowed him and a team of friends who regularly pitch in on the actions to perfectly align a series of images against Trump's hotel.

Since Trump's election and continued ownership of his stake in the project, the hotel has been dogged by criticism from ethics experts suggesting that he unfairly benefits financially from it.

Meanwhile, the hotel has routinely become a place of protest, with scenes and signs and shouts of "shame" taking place just as often outside 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bell also projected the emoluments clause, an anti-bribery provision that forbids any USA president from receiving gifts from foreign leaders and is derived from the Latin word "emolumentum", meaning "profit" or "gain". Yet another featured an excerpt of the emoluments clause from the U.S. Constitution, which restricts members of the U.S. government from receiving gifts from foreign powers.

Bell has said that projections are an effective form of protest because they send a message without vandalizing property. Then he projected "100 days of pollution" to commemorate Trump's 100th day in office.