Volvo, Google partner for next generation connected cars

Posted May 17, 2017

It is now believed that Google will announce its plans during its I/O conference this week.

Cross-platform functionality seems to be the name of the game digitally speaking as we see Apple apps for Android devices and previously Google-exclusive apps coming to iOS.

Google has displayed 2 variation of the infotainment system before.

Using Android as the base operating system will increase speed and flexibility in the development, and enable Volvo Cars to offer its customers the ability to personalise the connected in-car experience.

The Google Assistant app for iPhone and iPad is said to feature a chat interface - like the one found on Google Allo - as well as voice commands. According to Bloomberg, a Google Assistant app is ready to launch on iOS and will likely be made available this week during Google's I/O developer conference.

Today Google's only spot in the automotive market is Android Auto, which is not an operating system. While the navigation map continues to use the Audi-typical HERE database, the driver can also choose to navigate with Google Maps. Either way, we should be seeing this announcement sometime this week or early next week. "But I think the general philosophy is that we would like to have the Assistant available to as many people as possible". With that being said, the new infotainment and connectivity services will be introduced on new Volvo cars within two years. However, the assistant feature is now rolling out for a limited alpha Android user pool, so if you're not in it you have to wait for a bit more to receive it.

Google had released its AI virtual assistant with its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones last fall. But don't expect opening Google Assistant to be as seamless as firing up Siri.

Google has been pushing Android as a "turnkey" platform since Nougat. Google Assistant is slowly becoming more ubiquitous as time goes on.

Recent updates to Google Home, which allows users to access Google Assistant, offer support for additional features.

Microsoft has already done the same thing for its own digital assistant Cortana, as pointed out by MacRumors.