Want to get paid to cuddle cats? There's an opening!

Posted May 26, 2017

Does cattitude come naturally to you?

Well, you'll need to be softly spoken and "capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of our in patients", as well as having gentle hands to pet and stroke cats for long periods of time.

A job opening at a Dublin veterinary clinic is getting a ton of attention because, well, it basically sounds like a dream job for cat enthusiasts.

A feline veterinary clinic based in Dublin is hiring what they describe as a "cat cuddler" for a full-time job, Mashable reports. And, of course, you ease the cats' apprehensions by snuggling with them a lot.

That's right folks, an actual job out there specifies that you should be a insane cat lady.

With all the attention the job is getting (not to mention how incredible it sounds), it's sure to be ultra-competitive.

Of course, the company also asks if petting cats makes applicants "warm and fuzzy" inside, and the answer is obvious. It is clear from the posting that the clinic has a sense of humor, too.

Imagine a world where you could spend your days cuddling adorable fluffy kittens. They should also hold a veterinary council of Ireland-recognised qualification.

Animal shelters are often in need of volunteers to socialize and play with the animals in their care.