Amazon starts offering refunds for unauthorized in-app purchases

Posted June 01, 2017

Amazon is now offering refunds for unauthorized in-app purchases made by children, the company announced Tuesday. The long-running legal tussle finally ended early last month when the FTC and Amazon jointly agreed to withdraw appeals they'd lodged following Judge Coughenour's ruling, TechCrunch reported at the time.

The deadline to request your refund is May 26, 2018.

Amazon keeps 30 percent of all in-app charges, and unlike sales of physical goods on Amazon, in-app purchases are nonrefundable.

The refunds bring closure to a almost three-year legal battle surrounding complaints that the tech giant made it too easy for children to make the purchases.

The settlement with the Federal Trade Commission has Amazon refunding $70 million to users whose kids downloaded apps or made in-app purchases between November 2011 and May 2016.

In 2014, the FTC alleged that Amazon allowed kids to make unauthorized purchases on smartphones and tablets, pointing out the lack of password protection to make these purchases.

Amazon isn't the first highflying tech giant to find itself in the FTC's crosshairs over unauthorized in-app purchases.

For claiming the refund, FTC shared a simple guide for a hassle-free transaction.

Online retailer Amazon, accused of unlawfully billing parents for more than $70 million in purchases by game-playing kids, has settled a case with federal regulators. "Consumers affected by Amazon's practices can now be compensated for charges they didn't expect or authorize". You can apply for a refund at this website, and Amazon will review your request. This means that parents do not have to send emails or call Amazon to get their money back.

Meanwhile, Amazon is now a proud member of the exclusive Wall Street group of companies that have shares valued at $1,000.