Apple Releases First Public Beta For New iPhone Operating System

Posted June 27, 2017

Apple CEO Tim Cook.AppleWant to check out all the new goodies that Apple has built into the latest version of iOS, the software that runs on iPhones and iPads? Both apps then remain active with Split View as well as with the "Slide Over" gesture.

With the upgrade to iOS 11 for iPad, users will find a more desktop-like experience awaiting them. Accept the agreement, navigate to the iOS tab, and download the iOS 11 software.

Also note that there will be no public beta program version of watchOS 4. New features include a redesigned Control Center, a brand-new Apple Pay feature that lets you send or receive money to or from your contacts via iMessage, and a handful of new productivity features for the iPad, including drag-and-drop capability and a new Mac-style Dock. It may sound like a problem waiting to happen for that messy person in your life-and you know what?

You can now share a Wi-Fi password with your contacts. There really won't be any new features that you'll notice.

Multitasking with three apps at the same time and a dedicated app for file management that syncs with iCloud and other third-party storage providers (unfortunately Drive isn't included), have also been added.

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Luckily, I own the hardcover version, so it's not so hard to say goodbye. But it feels like an overdue productivity-angled addition that should help bring the iPad up to speed with Windows 10-based tablets like the Surface Pro. It's not as adaptable as the floating apps companies like LG have offered on their smartphones for years, whereby users can move apps in separate windows anywhere on the screen as well as resize them, but the extra flexibility should be welcome. Simply go into the Settings menu, tap General and then tap Profile.