Florida mom investigated for purposely letting snake bite daughter

Posted June 07, 2017

But the mother is defending her decision to allow the snake to bite her daughter, telling Tampa's ABC Action News that it was a way to teach her daughter about animals, the Associated Press reported.

The station reports the Highlands County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

The woman, who was not identified because she has not been charged, says people are simply "too sensitive" about the issue.

The clip, which can be seen in the video above, shows the unnamed mom raising a clear, plastic bin containing the small snake up to her child's sit-and-play device.

When questioned about her laughter, St. Laurent said she was just surprised that the snake had bitten her, the affidavit said. This mother said it's important her kids learn how to handle all kinds of wildlife and when to stay away from them. She reportedly found the snake in the driveway of her family's home. The infant screams as her mother laughs and turns the video off.

"My intent was never to hurt her", the woman tells CNN affiliate WFTS.

The woman lives on nine acres in rural Highlands County.

The snake in question was a tiny red ratsnake, a non-venomous snake that can grow up to six feet long, according to ABC News.

St. Laurent said she had allowed the snake to bite her first to make sure the snake would not injure the child.

She also said she has no regrets for the incident, according to CBS Miami.