Google Job Search Is Here to Get You Hired!

Posted June 24, 2017

Hunting for employment online has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to a new AI tool from Google that will allow job seekers to access postings from numerous top databases using only the search engine on the Mountain View, California-based firm's main website. You'll see a pretty extensive list of job openings in or near your home. It seems as though Google is looking to become the one-stop search engine for all user needs, given recent additions like a travel search tool for flights. The company launched the job search engine at its developer conference in May 2017.

Trying their best to make your job seeking experience convenient and less taxing, the search giant has also introduced a number of filters that provides and in-depth detail about a particular opening. The feature pulls jobs from virtually all of the major online job boards, including LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Facebook.

The technology company recently announced its Google job search project.

Now, job hunters will be able to go to Google and see help-wanted listings that its search engine collects across the internet. "Most of these jobs are not available on any other job site", he told TechNewsWorld.

Earlier this week, Google rolled out a new job-hunting feature called Google for Jobs. For more information on this feature you can check out Google's blog post here. Google's machine learning-trained algorithms sift through listings to remove all of the duplicates and categorize the results.

Apart from this, job seekers can filter their preferences by industry, location, time of posting or employer.

"The Google Jobs API on the J&J careers site enables candidates to find open positions across the company in a much more intuitive and relevant way", said Sjoerd Gehring, global vp of talent acquisition at Johnson & Johnson.

To access this new feature, on your browser both on desktop and mobile if the query such as "jobs near me", a new job search widget will appear to show the user a broad range of job openings. This was basically based on Google's own "Applicant Tracking System' (ATS), which was converted into a portal for employers".