Ham radio enthusiasts tune in for National Amateur Radio Field Day

Posted June 24, 2017

Experienced amateur (or "ham") radio operators will be set up at both locations to explain what the world of amateur radio is about.

Groups of local hams will be using voice, Morse Code, computer and even satellites in orbit to simulate emergency conditions, when ham radio operators play a crucial role keeping certain lines of communication open, especially with emergency first responders. On-air operations begin at 1 p.m. Saturday and continue until 1 p.m. Sunday.

Numerous local and state organizations will participate in the national Amateur Radio Field Day exercise on June 24 and June 25 at the City of Copperas Cove High Chaparral Park, located at 1310 High Chaparral Drive. The field day is a 24 hour emergency preparedness exercise and demonstration of the radio amateurs' skills and readiness to provide self-supporting communications without further infrastructure being required.

Field day also demonstrates ham radio's ability to work reliably under any conditions from nearly any location, and create an independent communications network.

"Field Day is points driven, so different clubs across America are doing this and there's different ways you can accrue points", he says.

Constant radio communication among amateur radio stations in the USA and Canada is required during the 24-hour training exercise, using generator- or battery-powered amateur radio equipment, simulating conditions that would be experienced during a disaster or emergency scenario. Power could be out, cell phone service disrupted, the internet cut off.

On Saturday and Sunday, hams across the USA will be holding public demonstrations of emergency communications skills.

"If all else fails, radio won't", he said. "In that time, it's grown into a worldwide community of licensed operators using the airwaves with every conceivable means of communications technology".

For a guy like Fox, who has had a license since 2014, the event will be another chance to learn more about ham radio.