Hertfordshire parents warned predators could use new Snapchat update to track children

Posted June 27, 2017

Snapchat updates their app to add a new layer to their photo messaging app and it was Snap Map, an update which tracks and shows Snapchat users location and displays it for their friends. The company announced Wednesday that once activated, Snap Map places a location Bitmoji on the new map feature for anyone on a user's friends list to see.

The analyst said he thought parents would like this new feature if their children us it properly, and if it is restricted to only friends.

The map also includes what's going on at popular venues, which has some users excited about the new feature.

You can also see and tap on "heat maps" where lots of Snaps are being uploaded, potentially indicating a big concert or festival in that area.

Snapchat's parent company Snap Inc recently launched its first hardware product in the United Kingdom - video-enabled glasses called Spectacles, which record 10-second clips and save them to a user's Snapchat account so they can be shared with friends.

OK, how do you turn it off?

Police in Preston, England, took to social media to warn Snapchat users about how revealing the app is, noting it is of particular concern for parents who have children who use the app. It allows users to share their locations with other Snapchatters all over the world, which has some parents feeling uneasy.

Snapchat chose to follow the example of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and embraced a new location sharing feature. She points to Apple's "find my friends", which allows users to find the location of those in their contact. "I'd recommend talking to your children about the concerns with sharing their location with strangers", State Police spokesperson Dustin Fitch wrote. If you click on your icon and go to settings, turning on "Ghost Mode." and disable the feature. But parents might want to talk to young teenagers about the latest update, as another 23 percent of Snapchat users are younger than 18.

"Ghost mode" lets you look at others' locations without broadcasting your own.