India pricing for new Apple iPad Pro and Mac lineup revealed

Posted June 12, 2017

The Pro 9.7in boosted that to 500 nits. The display and speakers are unchanged while the battery and ports are practically identical to the 2016 edition released by Apple. The port selection is mostly the same too, save for that extra Thunderbolt 3 socket. "No really, why would you buy one?"

Now, about that keyboard.

"Support for LTE Advanced and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, along with an embedded Apple SIM make it easier to stay connected when traveling in more than 180 countries and regions", Sprint highlights. The 512GB storage version of the Microsoft tablet costs $2,199, while the iPad Pro with the same storage only costs $1,229. But if, like us, you've made do with an older portable until now, the aggregated improvements of the MacBook range over the last two years make a compelling case for taking the treasurer up on his kind offer of an instant write off. Oh, and if you're anxious about the footprint, don't be: It's not that this keyboard is big, it's that the standard one is just unnecessarily small. For editing 4K video you'd probably want an SSD though, an expensive option as per above.

"I feel like the screen punched me in the face."
The screen is a Retina display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048, which packs 264 pixels per inch (ppi). And since one of the iPad Pro's chief advantages over the regular iPad is compatibility with the Apple Pencil, there's also a redesigned Retina display that achieves smoother scrolling and drawing with the pencil thanks to 20-millisecond latency.

Apple showed off the line: 21.5-inch iMacs start at $1,099 (roughly converting to £850 and AU$1,470). The company is also adding a cheaper $1,300 MacBook Pro option. But Apple's A-series chips have no rival in the mobile universe.

Finally, let's talk about the dedicated GPUs in the 15-inch Pro.

Lastly, the solid-state drives are said to be up to 50 percent faster. A new Do Not Disturb While Driving option can tell when your iPhone is in a vehicle and the auto is moving, and not distract you with incoming notifications. However, they will now come with twice the storage, making them more appealing from a VFM perspective.

But Apple's trumpeting of the iMac Pro left one analyst questioning the April statement that Apple is in the process of "completely rethinking" the Mac Pro, the top-tier workstation that has not been materially reworked in three and a half years.

The unit I tested wasn't the most tricked-out model.

So we'll make do with a 13 inch dual core MacBook Pro that will certainly run a VM, but not with the authority of its bigger brother.

Apple announced a slew of new updates for its MacBook laptops and iMac desktop during the WWDC 2017 event. For that reason alone, the difference in performance is obvious. Apple Inc. reported huge first quarter earnings with revenue of $74.6 billion compared to $57.6 billion one year ago. However, they have more in common than just this feature. However, that's "triple the score" of the 2015 iMac versions.

Core for core, the A10X does, indeed, offer about 30% more performance than the A9X does.

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