Intel ups its game with monster 18-core Core-X series processors

Posted June 01, 2017

Intel talks about numerous same benefits delivered by its Core-X series processors that AMD visited with the Ryzen launch. After a number of rumours and leaks, Intel has finally made the Core X PC processors, along with the improved Core i5 and Core i7 processors and the mighty 18-core Core i9 processor.

Intel also argued that the new 8th generation processor will have 30 % more performance boost over the 7th generation core processor. A new Intel x299 chipset is being added to the processors to boost the present I/O and overclocking capabilities. Core X chips are claimed to reach 15 percent faster single thread performance and 10 percent faster multithread rates compared to the previous generation.

The new line of Intel Core X processors is created to meet the needs of users who want to run the most computationally intensive applications on their desktops, such as 3D modeling, VR editing, video game live-streaming, and special effects design. With such a wide range of options and price points to match, the new Intel Core X-series processor family delivers the most scalable and accessible desktop platform for the enthusiast community. After shipping the 10 core version of Core i9, Intel will put the 12-core Core i9 7920X, 14-core Core i9 7940X, 16-core Core i9 7960X and 18-core Core i9 7980XE processors on sale. Moreover, it lets Intel cater to the needs of the users who need more power.

Skylake-X also introduced the latest revision of the Turbo Boost Max 3 feature that was included on the last-generation Broadwell-E high-end desktop (HEDT) chips. Instead, the newly announced Intel Core i9 processor will sit on the top. Intel did not say when those chips will be hitting the market. It also has high clock speed due to Intel's Turbo Boost 3.0 technology and the chip is overclockable. We have both the Threadripper 1998 and 1998X, both of whom are 16 core parts with 32 threads.

A 18 core, 36 threaded chip will be Intel's direct answer to AMD's Threadripper when it makes the chip available to consumers on the LGA 2066 socket.

To further cement its relationship with enthusiasts, Intel has also announced an own-branded all-in-one liquid cooling system based around a 120mm radiator.