Miles Teller arrested for public drunkenness in San Diego

Posted June 20, 2017

The Whiplash actor was detained by police in San Diego on the 18th of June according to Us Weekly.

Miles Teller was arrested for public intoxication Sunday, according to San Diego, California police. The star was allegedly "slurring his speech, swaying from side to side and had bloodshot eyes".

He was carted off to a detox center "based on him not being able to care for his own safety", Hernandez said.

San Diego offers a detox program where cops will take someone who is drunk to a center run by volunteers.

Miles Teller isn't doing much to alleviate his cocky bro rep. After being in jail for around 4 hours, Teller was released without bail.

Actor Miles Teller arrested in Pacific Beach for being drunk in public.

Late a year ago, Teller and girlfriend Keleigh Sperry walked away unharmed following a auto accident in Los Angeles.

"Me and @keleighsperry are OK". This woman's irrational and ignorant decision to put our lives and her passengers in very real danger.

Local law enforcement reportedly told the outlet Teller became uncooperative when approached by an officer and lost his balance, nearly falling into a traffic lane!