Morse heads to DL after SFG-Nats brawl

Posted June 01, 2017

Both are to be fined an undisclosed amount. The suspension is effective immediately, before tonight's game, so it's possible that Harper will appeal it just long enough to play tonight's game.

Both Harper and Strickland may be facing suspensions for the incident, but Major League Baseball could come down harder on Strickland if a home run three years ago played a part in intentionally hitting someone. Strickland apparently plunked Harper for hitting two home runs during the 2014 NLDS, a series in which the Giants beat the Nationals.

Hunter Strickland is a relief pitcher who, over the course of six games, may pitch 2-3 innings.

Harper didn't wait. The four-time All-Star pointed his bat at Strickland, yelled at him and took off. They then broke apart for a moment before squaring off again.

Harper charged the mound in Monday's game after being hit by Strickland.

Monday's game marked the first time the two competed against one another on the field since that 2014 matchup, and it certainly didn't take them long to get reacquainted.

When asked his opinion of the incident, Beltre said it was a sensitive issue, but he wouldn't be very pleased if he got beaned for hitting a home run.

A former teammate on the Washington Nationals, Yankees reliever Tyler Cilppard found those words to be uniquely Harper.

With the Giants searching for a regular left fielder, and with right fielder Hunter Pence on the disabled list and with center fielder Denard Span siting out the start because Washington was throwing a left-handed pitcher, Bochy wound up playing Calixte at all three outfield positions over the course of the Tuesday contest. I don't think he should he thinking about what happened in the first round.

"You see red", Harper said. (Strickland) probably took exception to that, " Baker said. "One thing I've got to say about Strickland is he hit me in the right spot, so I do respect him for that", Harper said.

Both players were ejected for trading blows as the Nationals won 3-0. “I dont know. I dont know what was going through his mind or how upset he was the past couple of years. Morse and Samardzija were among the first players to reach Strickland and Harper on the mound.

If it's my catcher, I want him to wait and give me an opportunity to do a little damage. I can't believe that Buster is that naïve to think something wasn't going to happen when Harper and Strickland started jawing at each other. However, the most severe consequences may have come for Giants' outfielder Mike Morse, who was hit heavily with teammate Jeff Samardzija in the ensuing bench-clearing brawl.

In baseball, you back up your teammates - always - but Posey, who should have tried to tackle Harper as he raced towards the mound, stood instead at home plate until the brawl was quelled. That to me signifies that the team is fed up with Strickland.