Rep. Moulton calls for new Democratic leadership

Posted June 22, 2017

Republicans were victorious Tuesday in special elections in Georgia and SC, with voters sending Karen Handel and Ralph Norman to the House of Representatives.

For the Democrats, this effort to flip the historically Republican district was a desperate attempt to make a dent in the Trump Administration.

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Greg Valliere, the chief strategist at Horizon Investments, said, however, there is little to read from the Georgia election.

"Republicans blew through millions to keep a ruby red seat, and in their desperate rush to stop the hemorrhaging, they've returned to demonizing the party's strongest fundraiser and consensus builder", Drew Hammill, Pelosi's deputy chief of staff told The New York Times. "Trump agenda is popular", he posted in a re-tweet of one of his previous messages.

Karen earned 51.4 percent of the vote, enough to lead Democrat Jon Ossoff, who came up in second place with 48.6 percent, according to the most recent reports. Even so, they would be in a much better position if they had won somewhere.

The Democratic National Committee and anti-Trump donors gave Ossoff the upper-hand in money and resources over his opponent, despite the fact that he does not even reside in the 6th district of Georgia.

Adding to Democratic frustrations Tuesday night was the logic that they may have focused too heavily on the wrong race.

Last night Republicans won two special House elections in Georgia and in SC.

The Georgia special election was the most expensive congressional race in us history.

- "Ralph Norman ran a fantastic race to win in the Great State of South Carolina's 5th District".

But Republican Ron Estes defeated Democrat James Thompson by just 7 points in April's election, which is the closest Democrats have been to winning the seat since 1996. The fictional politician Underwood at one point represents South Carolina's fifth district.

When there's a win, everyone takes the credit.

Trump during the Tuesday night rally said that had Handel lost in Georgia, then the media would have blamed him for the results. Maybe because of real antipathy toward Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party's nominee. These new loses only re-opened these wounds.

Still, Democrats couldn't cross the finish line.

"The same, exhausted centrist Democratic playbook that has come up short cycle after cycle will not suffice", DFA chairman Jim Dean said in a statement.

Of course, part of that gain might've been because Gianforte assaulted a reporter on the day before the election. For all the attempts to nationalize these elections and make them a referendum on President Trump, candidates matter.