Sen. Kamala Harris destroys Attorney General Jeff Sessions during hearing

Posted June 17, 2017

Clearly, Harris has not let the rude admonishments from her male colleagues dampen her enthusiasm or sap her energy in the fight against those who seek to halt, or even reverse, the vital progress the nation has made on so many fronts. When Powers pushed back, Miller doubled down, saying he thought Harris was "trying to shout down" Sessions and that this was the second hearing in a row she had acted in this manner.

Democratic California senator Kamala Harris.

After the video concluded, co-host Joy Behar reported that former Trump aide Jason Miller called Harris "hysterical" after being interrupted by Sessions.

"The fact that women are outnumbered in every room puts them in a position where they're often coming up against gender-based stereotypes", said Deborah Gillis, president and chief executive officer of Catalyst, which works for women's advancement in business. Harris asked him straight up: What is that policy and did you actually look at it?

Question Trump administration officials during hearings despite interruptions by Republican colleagues.

Harris eventually got a "yes" from Sessions - he said he did consult that unnamed policy before appearing before the Senate Committee Tuesday - viewers were left wondering why an Attorney General with 35 years of legal experience needed McCain to come to his defense.

Below is the full exchange from Tuesday's hearing with Attorney General Sessions.

When Harris then pressed Sessions on a Justice Department policy he cited as his rationale for not answering questions, McCain spoke up.

Losing patience with Sessions' filibuster, Harris persisted, pressing into her next question, but Sessions was not finished. "I am asking - when you knew that you would be asked these questions and you would rely on that policy, did you not ask your staff to show you the policy that would be the basis for your refusing to answer the majority of questions we are asking you ..."

"Senators will allow the chair to control the hearing", Burr said, pointing to McCain.

As you'd expect from a former federal prosecutor, Harris drilled down.

Sessions was clearly being impacted by Harris' rapid-fire questioning and refusal to allow him to waste her time.

Harris later tweeted that it was "unacceptable" for Sessions to evade her questions, declaring that the American people "deserve the truth". And I just think you need to be really careful I think in this country or anywhere when you label everything sexist. And I know Kamala Harris. "I don't think Sen".

Miller said he thought there was no real effort to get a real question answered.

Unsurprisingly, this still garnered a non-answer, although her question was relatively straightforward and she's still very clear about it. Ron Wyden, accused Sessions of "stonewalling". Though Sessions didn't get the post because of his racist views, the letter never made it into the record, and Warren was trying to correct that.

The CNN commentator and Trump supporter then chimed in: "Hysteria is a neutral quality", he said.