Sony Showcases Several Virtual Reality Games At E3

Posted June 15, 2017

Not much is known about the release date but the trailer does say 2018 at the end and teases newcomer Miles Morales for the game.

"Even though Microsoft showed off a wide array of exclusives at yesterday's E3 press event it has come in for some criticism as a number of key titles are not due until 2018", he said. Sony's line-up for late 2017 suddenly looks a little threadbare, with an Uncharted game that's a standalone expansion and the long-delayed GT Sport leading the way.

Sony's showcase for the PlayStation at this year's E3 gaming conference was all about the platform's blockbuster games.

For most attendees and onlookers, PlayStation's Spider-Man title was the blockbuster announcement with its extravagant visuals and choreographed stunts, including parkour, web-slinging and, of course, a helicopter chase. The game is set to release next year.

Around 50,000 members of the video games industry, including 15,000 members of the public will get the chance to play those titles announced when the doors of E3 open later on Tuesday.

The gameplay featured showed Spidey in an all-new get up featuring a white spider emblem splashed across his chest. Its development is being handled by Bluepoint Games, a team that handled the game's remaster on PS3, as well as the remastering of the recent Gravity Rush and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. However, the new storyline, graphics, action and game sequences have shown that this new game is going to (perhaps) be the best Spider-Man game yet.

To an extent this was expected of one or two of these games, but not all them.

For the unfamiliar, PlayStation Plus is an annual subscription service, which permits subscribers to access a library full of games while playing games online with other players. However, fans are still hoping to see some shades of "The Last of Us Part 2". Then again, neither was Media Molecule's Dreams, Bloodborne 2 or any PS4-exclusive From Software game for that matter.

"The reboot of "#God Of War" was first announced during last year's E3 event.