Staff Member of US Rep. Roger Williams Shot at Congressional Baseball Practice

Posted June 15, 2017

The gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, died in a shootout with police.

Scalise was shot at a congressional baseball practice just outside of Washington. He is in stable condition.

Trump praised the "heroic actions" of the Capital Police at the scene.

Zack Barth, the University of Texas at Austin graduate and Texas representative's staffer who was shot at Wednesday morning's congressional baseball practice, is okay, according to Texas Rep. Roger Williams.

Barth, a 24-year-old legislative correspondent in Williams' office, is from the Houston-area.

But an unnamed member of Williams' staff was shot, according to a release issued by the congressional rep's office. Top House Republican, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, was among those injured.

A white Texas police officer says he regrets asking a mother why she didn't teach her son not to litter during the December arrest of the black woman and her two teenage daughters.

Officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey were among the five injured after a gunman opened fire on congressmen during the practice.

Williams, who has coached the Republican team since 2013, said he was on the third base side, hitting ground balls to Rep. Trent Kelly, R-Mississippi, and Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida, and "little did I know the perpetrator was probably 20 yards from me". "This is America the greatest country in the world, if you punch us we will punch back and we're going to play baseball tomorrow".

A person reportedly asked someone if the congressmen playing on the field in Alexandria were Republicans or Democrats before the attack. "That is something that we all need to work on". This year's game was scheduled to take place Thursday. It has not been announced yet whether or not the game will be postponed or cancelled due to the shooting.

There are four Texas lawmakers on the Republican team - U.S. Reps Joe Barton, Kevin Brady, Mike Conaway and Williams.