Truck carrying pigs crashes, shuts down busy Texas interstate

Posted June 30, 2017

A semi-truck carrying a load of pigs tipped over and burst into flames on Interstate 45 in Wilmer around 6:45 Thursday morning.

The truck was transporting about 195 pigs southbound when it crashed and flipped onto its side, spilling pigs onto the highway, said Lt. Eric Pon, Wilmer police.

DALLAS (RNN) - Several loose pigs forced the closure of a section of Texas interstate Thursday, as police officers helped to round up the animals.

Some went as far as three or four miles away from the scene of the crash before being ushered back by police.

KRLD radio reporter Chelsea Wade reports there were about 200 hogs in the trailer several hours after the 18-wheeler overturned. We do not know how many dead-loss or how many ran off, ' he said.

Police say the driver of the truck was not injured and there are no other injuries.

Footage showed some of them trotting beside traffic before they were corralled.