Trump Wants Senate Rules Changed to Speed Up Health-Care, Tax Legislation

Posted June 01, 2017

"The US Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy". 'Dems would do it no doubt!'

President Trump suggested Tuesday that the Senate do away with sthe legislative filibuster as well, so he could see his agenda pushed through Congress.

While Republicans haven't yet released their tax proposal, House Republicans' health care bill was created to meet the legislative rules required to pass the Senate with a simple majority.

Mr. Trump's comments about his two top legislative priorities come as Republican leaders are already using a special procedure known as "reconciliation" - which requires only a simple majority of votes in the 100-member Senate - to consider health-care legislation.

In 2013, Senate Democrats similarly changed the rules for judicial nominees below the Supreme Court. The legislative filibuster remains in place for most other bills, but McConnell has resisted calls to end it wholesale-including a previous demand from Trump in May.

When I pressed Spicer as to whether Trump meant ending the filibuster altogether, he replied: "I think he wants to see action done. whether it's the delays that Democrats posed to his Cabinet nominees, or pieces of legislation, he wants action".

Senators say they're writing their own bill.

A tax-law writer for the North Carolina House is downplaying differences with the Senate in their respective state budgets over which taxes to cut or incentives to offer.

The American Health Care Act, the House GOP plan to replace Obamacare, was pulled from the floor in March as the party failed to muster enough support to pass it.

As CNN's Phil Mattingly notes, both health care and tax reform are being moved via reconciliation - a series of budgetary rules that forces everything passed under it to be directly related to the spending and expenditures of the federal government.