Uber makes it easier to arrange trips for other riders

Posted June 28, 2017

Once the driver begins the trip, the rider will receive a text message with the driver's info (car, identity, etc.) along with a weblink to track the driver's route. "We're excited to offer seniors and their caretakers an easier way to use Uber, so that no matter where a senior needs to be - and where their caretaker is located - a safe, reliable ride is just a few taps away", the company said in a statement. Both the rider and the driver will be able to contact one another to make sure everything goes smoothly. Sadly, Uber didn't say a word about the 33 countries on the list, which makes it hard for anyone to know whether or not to expect the new update. Today, however, the company is rolling out a new feature that it hopes will help it expand its ride-hailing reach to those without a smartphone... Riders will even be able to contact the driver directly via Uber's signature anonymous contact info. In an effort to improve the driving experience, Uber launched a long-awaited in-app tipping function in three cities so far: Houston, Minneapolis, and Seattle. Uber's product manager Kyle Miller told media that he believes this tool will be especially beneficial to folks who want to secure rides for elderly family members. Other occasions we book for people are when relatives or officemates request for it, like airport pickups or whatnot. Of course, this will only apply to places where cash payments are accepted by Uber, as pointed out by Business Insider. This enabled low-income residents to simply call-in Uber rides.

It's worth taking note that Uber appears to be taking steps to make its services a bit more family-friendly. Although the feature is called Family Profiles, it can also be used by a group of friends or coworkers.