Aston Martin Vulcan receives upgraded aero from AMR

Posted July 02, 2017

The DB11's footage going up the hill isn't quite as dramatic as its loud-and-proud Vantage stablemate, but with two new models and a Le Mans win to celebrate, Aston Martin is no doubt living large this year at Goodwood.

Back in 2015, Aston Martin unveiled one of their most extreme and exclusive vehicles, the Vulcan.

The Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro is a package that can be specified by customers to improve the auto, and will be fitted by the company's Q division.

Attention millionaires with access to their own track!

A flagship for the new Aston Martin AMR Division, the Vulcan AMR Pro comes with shortened gear ratios and extra downforce from aerodynamic tweaks to offer what Aston call "intensified Acceleration".

The auto is set to make its first public appearance this weekend at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Optimisation of the carbon core has reduced the weight of the engine cover by 5kg - though admittedly that's not such a big deal when you have 820bhp to play with. This, plus new wing endplates that sport additional 15mm Gurneys has helped boost downforce by 27 per cent.

The changes also alter the Vulcan's aerodynamic balance, bringing the vehicle's centre of pressure closer to the middle of the auto for increased traction, front end stability, and steering responsiveness.

Tony Quinn alongside his Aston Martin Vulcan at the Highlands circuit in Cromwell.

The AMR Pro upgrade for the Vulcan doesn't include any engine upgrades, but instead focuses on aerodynamic and gearbox improvements. They were delivered to specially chosen customers throughout 2016, and since then, Aston Martin instructors-including three-time Le Mans victor Darren Turner-have been shaping the buyers into better drivers who can appreciate and properly use such a machine.

"By increasing the overall level of downforce front and rear, but also improving the balance of the auto we've done just that", Turner said in a statement. When you get the aero working through a fast corner it really is an unbelievable feeling.