Elon Musk unveils parking lot prototype for The Boring Company's auto elevator

Posted July 02, 2017

"Should be operating next week", Musk wrote, while providing a glimpse of an elevator shaft that will take cars into the depths of his tunnel system.

The beginning of the plan marks a major step because it wasn't clear until now whether Los Angeles authorities would let Mr Musk start digging outside his property around the SpaceX building. He said they have a long way to go before they beat Gary, a snail from SpongeBob SquarePants whom Musk referenced in April in a TED talk, saying "Victory is beating the snail".

"Godot" is a reference to both his tunnel driller and the play Waiting for Godot by Irish writer Samuel Beckett after which he named the machine. Musk has said the tunnels would transport cars on an electric skate and could even accommodate a Hyperloop. The auto platform travels at 124 miles per hour with the vehicle on top while other cars travel on other skates.

Interest in the Model 3 has not let-up since the electric vehicle was first announced by Elon Musk during a keynote presentation previous year.

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Boring Company's Godot digs first segment of LA tunnel

In spite of being fully up and running mere months after its public introduction, The Boring Company is just the billionaire entrepreneur's latest hobby.

Musk's plan to create a fleet of autonomous vehicles for Tesla could be the future blueprint for how automotive companies can stay competitive in an age where driving is obsolete. Garcetti said he was considering using Musk's tunnel to support the rail connection. "A large network of road tunnels many levels deep would fix congestion in any city, no matter how large it grew [just keep adding levels]". The site said tunnels, when designed correctly, could be one of the safest places to be in case of a quake.

Musk's aim is to extend the tunnel as an experiment that could lead to a high-speed transit system for cars beneath Los Angeles.