Floyd Mayweather on Conor McGregor: Racism Still Exists, But I'm No 'Boy'

Posted July 14, 2017

"Hell no. You f-king weasel".

"We all know there's only two types of boys - a white boy and a cowboy". "They're trying to set me up, catch me off guard, get me in awkward position, but I thrive in awkward positions. When Floyd was 28 he was on Oscar De la Hoya's undercard and that's just facts".

"Floyd is an old, weak b-ch".

After that press conference, McGregor had a quick interview with Jimmy Kimmel's Guillermo in a segment that aired Wednesday night. "I'm going to knock him out inside four rounds, mark my words".

The two boxers are now on a four-day promotional tour.

McGregor's response? How about another f-word: "No f**king problem".

What's trash talk against Mayweather without mentioning his ineptitude to read?

"What the f-k is he wearing?" What the f-k? He's 40!

"Twenty-eight years of age and I'm getting fight checks and promoter checks", McGregor said. Carrying a school bag on stage?

If you've followed McGregor for any period of time, he's known for fiery remarks as he tries to crack his opponent's psyche. "You can't even read", he said, prompting the crowd to erupt in laughter.

Everyone in McGregor's way got a taste - Showtime, Mayweather's crew, the fighter and his father.

"Shout out to all the stripper b-ches on his payroll". While Mayweather was dancing in front of him, McGregor yelled, "Dance for me, boy", which some viewed as a racist remark.

While Mayweather will be unfazed by McGregor's insults and Kavanagh's online assertions, it is clear there is an iron-clad belief in the SBG camp that the American is about to face something completely unexpected in the UFC champion.

Calvillo was one of the sport's top prospects as an amateur, as she went 5-1 with three finishes from 2012 to 2014. We're talking about 21 years. They said I have no chance. B-ch I do numbers.

If you've ever watched "Rocky III" then you know there are no dancing monkeys.

The back-and-forth banter is for one reason, and that's obviously to increase hype and anticipation for a bout that could legitimately be the biggest fight of all-time in any combat sport.

Responding to Mayweather's boasts about how much money he makes: "You owe money".