Giant sinkhole swallows Southwest Florida homes

Posted July 15, 2017

Someone had called about a "depression" under a boat parked next to the house in Lake Padgett Estates in Land O' Lakes. They've asked Pasco authorities to evacuate the area between the sinkhole and a nearby lake because the sinkhole looks like it is moving toward the lake. The boat fell in.

Authorities went door-to-door to evacuate an estimated 8-10 homes as the sinkhole, which is filled with water, continued to spread.

Sinkholes are a regular occurrence in Central Florida due to the nature of the state's geology.

The sinkhole is threatening other homes in the area. The home last sold in 2015, according to records.

The sinkhole began as a much smaller hole hours earlier.

Tobin says surrounding homes are being evacuated and that emergency management officials are heading to the scene.

Guthrie said that the question of safety was under control and, although it had been a frightening experience for residents, it was now a question of trying to conserve property. "The people coming out of those houses were frightened".

"We will have three if not four septic tanks that will start merging with the lake", he said.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Duke Energy has cut power to about 100 homes in the neighborhood.

The Red Cross is helping families affected by the sinkhole.