Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee Slam Venezuelan President For 'Despacito' Use

Posted July 26, 2017

In the video, below, Maduro wonders whether his version will go viral. The song is now one of the most popular on YouTube and last month, it reached two billion views.

The Puerto Rican duo behind the worldwide smash Latin pop hit Despacito slammed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for "illegally" using their song to promote a controversial vote he is organising.

Salleh Said Keruak, communications and multimedia minister, told AFP that his ministry received numerous complaints over the steamy lyrics of the reggaeton beat song that has won global popularity.

The singers behind the famous song, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, were not happy and immediately responded on social media.

"At no point was I asked, nor did I authorise, the use or the change in lyrics of Despacito for political means, and much less so in the middle of the deplorable situation experienced by Venezuela, a country I love so much", Luis Fonsi said on Instagram on Monday (24 July).

"What can you expect from a person who has robbed the lives of so many young people filled with dreams?" Meanwhile, clashes between the government and protesters against the so-called "constituent assembly" have turned extremely violent, with at least 100 people dead in the fighting as of last week. "My music is for all of those who want to listen to it and enjoy it, not be used as propaganda that attempts to manipulate the will of a people screaming for its liberty and for a better future". Maduro played the song on his weekly television show. "You dictatorial regime is a mockery, not only for my Venezuelan brothers, but also for the whole world".

Millions of Venezuelans have been staging months of protests against Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader narrowly elected to replace the late Hugo Chavez in 2013. The constituent assembly would give the government power to rewrite the constitution.