Martin Landau Dead - Oscar Winner Dies at 89

Posted July 18, 2017

One of the actor's most iconic film roles was playing Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton's Ed Wood (1994). He quit CBS' Mission: Impossible in 1969 after three seasons following a contract dispute, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Landau portrayed washed-up Dracula actor Bela Lugosi in his final years, alongside Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Martin Landau, the popular character actor known for roles in films like "Ed Wood" and "North by Northwest", has died. He was married to co-star Bain from 1957 until their divorce in 1993.

Throughout his career, Landau worked with legendary directors ranging from Alfred Hitchcock to Francis Ford Coppola - but the actor was insistent that the responsibility for a performance falls first and foremost on the actor giving that performance. He also received a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Saturn Award for the role. Over his seven decade career, Landau appeared in hundreds of projects.

Martin's last film to have been released was Howard Weiner's comedy drama "The Last Poker Game", but he will also make an appearance in the forthcoming sci-fi movie "Without Warning".

But as accomplished and talented as he was, Landau wasn't afraid to poke fun at himself and Hollywood.

Landau's first big movie role was in Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest".

He acted in the movies "They Call Me Mr. Tibbs" (1970), "Destination Moonbase-Alpha" (1978), "Meteor" (1979), "Crimes and Misdemeanors" (1989), "City Hall" (1996), "Lovely Still" (2008) and "Remember" (2015).

The Oscar chiseled Landau was in the pantheon of great character actors, and performances in Rounders (1998), The Majestic (2001), and a sublime cameo on HBO's Entourage (2006) showcased his seemingly effortless ability to steal the show with just a few scenes.

Landau - born and raised in Brooklyn - landed a job as a cartoonist at the New York Daily News at age 17, until he quit five years later to pursue acting.

In 1955, he was among hundreds who applied to study at the prestigious Actors Studio and one of only two selected.

Landau is survived by his daughters Susie and Juliet, their husbands, his sister Elinor, his granddaughter Aria, and his godson Dylan.