Officials investigating use of cellphone, drone after SC inmate's prison break

Posted July 09, 2017

"We believe a drone was used to fly in the tools that allow him to escape", South Carolina Corrections Director Bryan Stirling.

South Carolina's maximum-security prisons have cameras trained on their perimeters and routine headcounts are taken. He then escaped by using wire cutters to cut through the wire fences at Lieber Correctional Institution, Stirling explained.

Authorities were offering a reward for information leading to Causey's capture. The inmate also placed a papier-mâché dummy in his bed, which gave him an 18-hour window to flee, according to WLTX. In 2005, Causey and another inmate jumped into a garbage truck that was leaving the prison where they were housed. High-powered defense attorney Jack Swerling, who defended Causey in a previous case, was duct-taped and held at gunpoint. "They are physically incarcerated, but they are no longer virtually incarcerated", Stirling said in a press conference.

COLUMBIA, July 8 -This is the Texas Motel 6 where Jimmy Causey spent his last night on the run.

Officers say they found a semi-automatic handgun, and shotgun, ammo, four cell phones, and $47,000 in cash on Causey. "We also hope that those who have needlessly suffered will be afforded restitution for the injuries that could have been avoided", Elliott said. It was the second time in 12 years that he escaped. They were arrested three days later after a woman delivering pizza to a motel called police. Causey used the wire cutter to open holes in four fences to escape.

Authorities are in the process of extraditing Causey to SC, where he'll be sent to one of the prison system's most secure facilities.

Stirling said that when Causey is transported back to the state, he will be kept in "the highest security we have for a very long time".

The latest incident further highlights their cries for the federal government to block cell phone signals at state jails and prisons.

Causey's latest escape will add to a criminal record that is almost eight pages long and goes back to just after he turned 19, according SLED records. He theorized that is how Causey accumulated so much money. In 2015, two individuals were caught for trying to drop off illicit drugs, including K2 spice and porn to the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md.