Pope, Trump offer support to parents of dying child Charlie Gard

Posted July 06, 2017

The European Court was asked to determine if the British Court was correct in allowing the hospital the right to remove life sustaining support from Charlie based on the premise that the child is now in pain and any further treatment would likely bring more suffering without any realistic prospect of improving the boy's condition.

Kuznetsova said that the ECHR ruling is hard to accept from moral and ethical perspectives.

Pope Francis had already expressed his support for Charlie's family, and on Tuesday the Vatican said it would do everything it could to make sure Charlie gets the treatment he needs. Enoc said Yates "appears set to stop at nothing" after a British court ordered her son's treatment to be stopped.

"But I also know that no doctor ever wants to be placed in the bad position where they have to make such heartbreaking decisions". Over the phone, Alfano raised the case and reiterated the Vatican kids' hospital's offer, the foreign ministry said. His parents and a London children's hospital said Friday that the 10-month-old boy will be given "more time" before life support is withdrawn.

Britain's Foreign Minister Boris Johnson told his Italian counterpart on Wednesday that legal reasons prevented the transfer to Rome of a critically-ill British baby due to be taken off life support.

CNN news confirmed that a Vatican-owned hospital in Rome offered to take Charlie Gard into its care.

Charlie's continuous struggle for life and his parents' desperate plight took the internet by storm, and several people voiced their support for the baby.

"The president is just trying to be helpful if at all possible", Ferre said, adding that Trump had not spoken directly with the family and does not want to pressure them in any way.

Charlie was admitted to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in October and was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease that causes muscle weakness and muscle damage.

Mrs May said: "I'm sure the thoughts of all Members of the House are with the family and Charlie at this exceptionally hard time". "We also encourage the Catholic community to pray for Charlie, his parents and all those that have been caring for him".

But they have reached the very end of their legal battle after the European Court of Human Rights backed British doctors who said it would be kinder to let their son die.

But the U.K.'s top death panel has been affirmed by the so-called "European Court of Human Rights", which is apparently some kind of worldwide death panel that convenes in Strasbourg, France, but reserves the right to sentence children everywhere to die.

It even caught the attention of US President Donald trump who tweeted: "If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the United Kingdom and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so".