Side-by-side Mayweather-McGregor training videos suggest hilarious mismatch

Posted July 02, 2017

One can even say that I have changed over the last five years. It could very well end up going down as the biggest sporting event of 2017-and it could shatter all kinds of monetary records in the process with all of the big pay-per-view numbers that are expected.

There's nothing new about McGregor posting photos and videos of him training in the gym.

"I know I'm not the same fighter I was 20 years ago, I'm not the same fighter I was 10 years ago".

Unfortunately for these hopes, both fighters have released videos showing themselves training for the upcoming bout, and viewing them next to each other, it's hard to think McGregor will exit the ring a victor. Since his fight with Mayweather was announced, he has posted a number of them on his various social media accounts.

Even well away from his prime Mayweather is risky, and his speed and accuracy might just prove too much for McGregor. Then contrast that with Mayweather, who is practically dancing in this clip of him working the bag.

If you're the type of person thinking McGregor has a snowball's chance in hell in a boxing match against one of the best to ever lace up a pair of gloves, you'll be encouraged by the stark speed contrast in the videos. I watched "NWA" 25,000 times.

Compare that to this video, which Conor McGregor posted on Twitter. "I am a Floyd fan, Floyd's a legend and he is going to take care of business, don't get me wrong".