Spider-Man: Homecoming Ending Explained by Marvel Boss Kevin Feige

Posted July 08, 2017

He shot down the suggestion that Tom Holland's Spider-Man would appear in Sony's Venom movie by saying. Mac Gargan - one of The Vulture's cronies played by Michael Mando - popped up in the film's epic ferry battle, as well as in the first post-credit scene to Michael Keaton's The Vulture.

As well as demonstrating the two sides of the superhero, it's also a reference to a favourite story-telling device of Marvel artist Steve Ditko. Of course, fans guessed long ago that Zendaya would turn out to be M.J., as the character is Parker's canonical love interest and wholly vital to the Spider-Man universe. And very much like our instinct to say, 'Let's have Tony Stark say I'm Iron Man at the end.' Well, what does that mean for the next movie?

"Homecoming" certainly has the weapons to get near the openings "Guardians" and "Beast" had, as Sony is releasing the movie on over 4,000 screens, and 392 of them are IMAX.

From there we are introduced to the mundane life of Peter Parker, played perfectly by Tom Holland. The villain's motives are clear and his threat is real; he is easily the most memorable Spidey film baddie in over a decade. He becomes so enamored with the idea of escaping to fame and global heroism that he even tells his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) that he is "so" above high school level, thanks to the life that being Spider-Man affords him.

It's not unreasonable to believe that he could pass the torch onto Miles Morales, setting up an Ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is lighthearted, and focuses on what Peter Parker really is - just an awkward kid. Listening to Peter's classmates discussing FMK about the Avengers is just one of many laugh out loud moments.

Leaping, bounding and swinging with the heedless joy of its web-slinger, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" is the movie that glimmers with all the qualities that attracted millions to the hero's comic book and animated origins.

There are plenty of great action set pieces, fun effects and clever jokes (it's great to hear the Ramones - Queens natives themselves - on the soundtrack), but "Homecoming's" biggest asset is Holland, who sees his new and exciting world through the same kind of wide eyes his audience would. Spider-Man has never received a movie that was so passionate about getting him right before and naturally when you get Spider-Man right you leave everyone else behind.

Eventually, around the time Peter Parker died, Prowler broke into an abandoned Oscorp lab as part of a heist - and OsCorp's genetically altered spider, which gave Peter his powers, crawled into his duffel bag without his knowledge.