Sweeny: Breaking Down The Big Yankees-White Sox Trade

Posted July 20, 2017

They say you can always come home. With Robertson and Kahnle joining Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances and Chad Green, the Yankees now have five relievers averaging at least 12 strikeouts per nine innings.

Just getting him out of Guaranteed Rate Field should guarantee he produces at a higher rate for the rest of the season, not to mention the obvious fact that acquiring Frazier, who might have been built for Fenway Park, means the Red Sox can't get him.

Late Tuesday night Headley, though limited in his experience at first, said he would be willing to play there.

To return to a pennant race is a great chance for me as a player to showcase my talents and the team the Yankees have is good, added Frazier. Big-league reliever Tyler Clippard is also reportedly in the deal, as is outfielder Tito Polo. They went one stop shopping in a trade with the Chicago White Sox.

Sitting just three games back in the AL East, New York has chose to go all out to try and contend this season. So, without the opportunity to match Chris Sale, David Price, Drew Pomeranz, Eduardo Rodriguez and Rick Porcello, the Yankees general manager did the next best thing - he bolstered every other corner of the roster.

This was to be a transitional year for the New York Yankees, one that would bridge the divide between the bloated also-ran they had become and the future juggernaut they hoped to build.

White Sox closer David Robertson pitches against the Oakland Athletics during the ninth inning on August 21, 2016 in Chicago. He's still only 22, it's quite possible he ends up a mid-rotation starter (TINSTAAPP duly noted).

The Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins as they completed the trade, improving their record to 48-44.

Sure, the Yankees had to deal their number three prospect in the system in Blake Rutherford, who was the team's first round pick in the 2016 MLB Draft.

The bigger issue is the trade market though, and the Blue Jays may be forced to make an ultimate decision before they really want to. While he is the headliner of the deal, the haul was not necessarily big because he will be a free agent following the season.

By Tuesday, 91 games into an up-and-down season, Cashman had determined the Yankees' color was green.

It's been 19 years since Todd Frazier made news as a member of the Toms River team that won the 1998 World Series, but today he is coming back home.

Even though Frazier is a third baseman by trade, he has played some first base and likely will land there once he goes to NY.

First base has been an abyss of suck for the Yankees this year. Frazier may not offer much in the way of baserunning or defensive acumen, and he's still striking out a lot (21.2% K/9), but he's hitting for enough power (.225 ISO with 16 HR) and has started walking enough (14.3% BB/9 in 2017 vs. career 8.5%) that he's overall having a decent, if unremarkable year (103 wRC+, 1.1 fWAR).