Teenager to face court over series of five 'acid attacks'

Posted July 17, 2017

An individual has been taken into custody following an acid-attack spree in east London on Thursday night.

It comes as a teenager is arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and robbery.

Jabed Duzzahuru, president of a group which represents more than 2,500 delivery drivers from companies, including Deliveroo and UberEats said he was making food delivery when the incident happened.

Acid appears to be finding favour with gangs and individuals to settle disputes and launch attacks, as simple bleach products and drain unblocker is available cheaply in shops without checks and carrying it does not incur penalties, like knives do. The Associated Press reports, "One was arrested near the scene of the attack and the other at an address in east London on Friday".

Metropolitan Police have said that acid attacks are on the rise in the British capital, with 458 reported last year, almost double the total of the previous year. This is not the case. A substance was thrown in the victim's face before one of the attacks jumped on his scooter and rode away. Law enforcement officials are hoping for more witnesses come forth in order to aid their investigation.

All five victims were treated in an East London hospital, and at least four of them remain hospitalized, police said.

The attackers threw corrosive substances in people's faces in Stoke Newington and Hackney, police said.

Rudd said guidance to prosecutors would be reviewed so that acid and other corrosive substances could be classed as unsafe weapons, and authorities would be given the powers they need to ensure those who commit such crimes "feel the full force of the law". "My family's scared. They were asking me to leave that job, but I love that job". The victim did not sustain life-threatening injuries, police said.

London is seeing a sudden surge in acid attacks, with the 261 attacks in 2015 jumping to 458 in 2016.

At 11.18pm, the police received a call to a similar incident, a robbery in Cazenove Road, where a corrosive substance had been thrown.

The Home Office is working with police and the Ministry of Justice to determine whether powers available to the courts, such as sentencing, are sufficient.