Consumer Reports removes recommendation for Microsoft's Surface

Posted August 11, 2017

So whether you believe that MacBooks and iPads are innovative, they are indeed the most reliable products of their kind. "Surface return and support rates are in line if not lower than industry average for devices in the same class".

This is playing out in two ways. Those products, along with the rest of the Surface lineup, were supposed to help Microsoft eat away at the laptop and tablet market share (both revenue- and shipment-wise), which is now dominated by Apple. There are millions of these folks, and many of them supply us with information on hundreds of thousands of individual products, including everything from pickup trucks to washing machines.

But the biggest threat to Surface devices has been the problems faced by some consumers like freezes, a particular hardware not responding, touch issues etc as these issues affect the reliability. Consumer Reports came to this conclusion after surveying around 90,000 laptop and tablet owners, finding that around 25 percent of Surface users had encountered problems. The news is headlined by a two-year problem report rate of 25%, suggesting that a quarter of all Surface owners will experience problems with their devices by their second year of ownership.

There've been reports of poor longevity and recurring issues with multiple Surface products across the past few years. I've have 2 surface pro 3's that had to be replaced and when the surface book came out I made a decision to upgrade to that and have had to replace that one 4 times because of "manufacturers defect" (I think that's what they referred to it as).

Microsoft does have a lot of Surface PCs on their end. Impact-resistant rubber and a hard armor shell secures your Microsoft Surface Laptop in place and keeps it safe from jarring, for the most part. Redmond eventually changed course on this and refunded customers their money, but the company's initial response was still to throw its customers under the bus. It says that the breakage rate for Surface devices is significantly worse than for similar products from other manufacturers.

CR's work, meanwhile, has tended to push companies to either fix bugs or improve their products. However, the magazine has now removed the "recommended" designation for all mobile Surface models after receiving tens of thousands of complaints from readers.

Microsoft is new to the hardware business and has generally been met with favorable reviews of its laptops from consumers and pundits in the industry.

"Every generation of Surface surpasses its predecessors in performance and in reliability", a Microsoft statement claims.