Finance Your Next Surface Hardware Purchase with the Surface Plus Program

Posted August 02, 2017

The tech titan is also allowing users to upgrade devices after 18 months, but only if the tablets are returned in "good condition".

Note: It seems the Surface Plus webpages linked above are not yet active and their availability may be tied to the 9:00 AM PT launch of this new service.

Low monthly payments: Customers can purchase a Surface device with an easy, 24-month payment plan at 0% April.

Starting today, anyone who buys a Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Book, or Surface Studio online at and in Microsoft stores, will be enrolled in the program.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new financing and management program that could make it easier for businesses of all sizes to deploy Surface devices. They also can enjoy device upgrades, with the option to upgrade to the latest Surface device after just 18 months.

The Surface Plus for Business program offers enterprise-grade services and support, and the other benefits as seen below.

- Multiple Surface models: Customers can add as many devices as they want into a single agreement and can have a mix of models across the Surface portfolio. The number of devices under the agreement can also change during the middle of the term as well, the post said.

Microsoft is bringing these benefits to small and medium-sized businesses as well.

Make sure you have the Surface Dial connected via Bluetooth to your device.

In the education space, Microsoft's Surface devices face tough competition from Google's (goog) Chromebook barebones laptops, which account for over half of the 12.6 million PCs shipped to USA schools in 2016, according to a report by GeekWire.

Surface Plus for Business customers can also add Office 365 for Business for an additional $8.25 per user, per month.

As for businesses, Microsoft's Surface Plus for Business program will let businesses part of the Surface Membership program purchase the latest Surface devices in 18, 24, or 30 month periods.