Israeli Pilot Killed After Helicopter Crash

Posted August 09, 2017

According to Israeli media reports, the Apaches were previously grounded after a large crack was discovered in the rotor blade of one.

An Israeli military helicopter crashed late on Monday, killing the pilot, a military spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The entire fleet of Apache helicopters has been grounded until the investigation is completed. It occurred while the helicopter was taking part in a training exercise near the Ramon Air Base in southern Israel, the officer says, speaking on condition of anonymity. In response, IAF chief Maj. The craft were subsequently allowed back into service, but with a new operational restriction requiring more frequent replacement of blades and regular X-ray checks to identify cracks and other flaws.

She said that reserve Major David Zohar died "and a second officer is critically injured".

Before the crash, the pilot of the IAF Apache AH-64A helicopter reported to control saying he experienced engine malfunction.

In an unusual move, the IDF spokesperson issued a statement clarifying that the claims were false and "that any rumors regarding the death or injury of additional commanders in the incident are not accurate".