Italian Police Arrest Suspected Kidnapper Of British Model

Posted August 06, 2017

The mysterious online criminal syndicate behind the kidnapping of a British model has boasted of its "huge generosity" in letting her go "because she is a mother".

"Fantasist or not, what is clear is that he is a very unsafe man who drugged his victim as soon as she was kidnapped and put her inside a large travel bag in the boot of a auto", Milan deputy prosecutor Paolo Storari told a press conference.

A polish national who lives in the United Kingdom has been arrested on kidnapping charges.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was held prisoner for a week after being drugged, authorities said.

According to Italian authorities, after possibly not getting any offers online, the kidnapper then began blackmailing the model's agency, asking for $300,000 in ransom for her return.

Lukasz Pawel Herba has been jailed for trying to sell the woman on the dark web.

However, on arrival, she was drugged and kidnapped, while her abductor put her up for auction with a starting bid of $353,000 on the #Dark Web.

The farmhouse in Borgial where the model was held captive.

It is thought she was kept in the bag for two-and-a-half hours and stayed in Turin for six days.

As reported by the Daily Beast, on receiving the ransom demand from Herba, the United Kingdom modeling agency contacted the police, whereupon he negotiated with them to return the model for a fee of $60,000, saying he would kill her if they did not comply.

She was loaded into the trunk of a vehicle and taken to a cabin on the outskirts of Lemie, a remote town in the Italian Alps, she told authorities.

Lukasz Herba was arrested July 17th outside the British consulate in Milan while accompanying the woman, said Lorenzo Bucossi, the head of the Milan Police Mobile Command unit.

Police are now working to identify Herba's accomplices and established what happened to the woman while she was help captive.

"Analysis of his email shows this man belonged to an organisation called "Black Death", Milan prosecutor Paolo Storari said in a media conference overnight, The Telegraph Reported.