Just How Much Trouble Does a Grand Jury Pose for Trump?

Posted August 05, 2017

In West Virginia, Trump concluded a five-minute riff on Russian Federation with a caustic jab at Democrats who allege that he had an unfair leg up - from a United States enemy - to defeat Clinton in last year's presidential election.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting sources close to the matter, first reported that Mueller was using a grand jury as part of the investigation. Numerous potential crimes Mueller's team is investigating would have occurred in the District, such as allegations that Trump aides or advisers made false statements in disclosure records or lied to federal agents.

We may be a long way from that, and, as in the Clinton e-mail case, they might not come at all.

A grand jury is a group of ordinary citizens who, working behind closed doors, considers evidence of potential criminal wrongdoing that a prosecutor is investigating and decides whether charges should be brought.

Mueller was appointed special counsel on May 17.

"Congress must uphold its duty to defend the Constitution and investigate President Trumps financial dealings", he said.

The news of a grand jury comes up as the US President prepares to take a 17-day-vacation to New Jersey later this week.

The president, who remains agitated over the investigation into allegations of coordination between his campaign associates and Russian government officials, said Democrats have a decision to make. It can issue subpoenas for documents, and witnesses who testify are under oath and can be prosecuted for not being truthful. Media coverage of an investigation tends to rely on the people most at liberty to discuss it.

"The mandate that Bob Mueller received has some broad language, including "related-to" type of language, which tends to open the door, but there are some checks and balances", Starr continued to say, "We don't want investigators and prosecutors out on a fishing expedition".

Still, after the past rocky months, Republicans are hoping against hope that with all the work ahead, relations with the White House will improve.

While grand juries hear evidence and sometimes decline to hand up indictments, it now looks unlikely that Mueller will "simply submit a report to Congress and allow the political process to digest his findings", Ohlin said. "They must not give up, but instead Congress should get to work and deliver Americans the great health care they deserve, the great repeal and replace they've been talking about for seven years".

Having spent many years in law enforcement, majority as a prosecutor, I can attest that criminal investigators are presumptuous. Meanwhile, senators have introduced bipartisan bills aimed at protecting Mueller from being fired by President Donald Trump. "The White House is committed to fully coöperating with Mr. Mueller".

Why are grand juries feared? "I just hope that if the police ever do arrest him they protect his head when they put him into the vehicle". Nevertheless, I believe it is secondary - decidedly so - in this case.