Mark Zuckerberg closes internal Facebook Anon group over being political

Posted August 20, 2017

Silicon Valley companies and social media networks have stepped up efforts to block neo-Nazi content on their platforms amid the rise of organised hate crimes and the weekend of violence in Charlottesville. The group started speaking about the USA presidency in 2016 when Trump got elected. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg found out that the platform was being used for harassment, and as a result, it was closed in December 2016. "They don't like the Nazis today, but tomorrow it's somebody else", he said.

'We make a lot of decisions every day that are tough.

Groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who the actions against neo-Nazi groups, at the same time express concern for free speech and upholding the of the US Constitution that enshrines that right.

PayPal also stated recently that they would close down services to groups like the KKK and cut off what some have termed, the "banking system for white nationalism". The EFF is concerned that these platforms will not exercise these rights properly and other groups and voices will be silenced, wrongly, in the same way.

Cloudflare is well-known for defending even the most distasteful websites, and services like it are essential to the functioning of websites. Still, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince warned that the move could set a risky precedent.

Cloudflare Chief Executive Matthew Prince told employees that he woke up this morning in a bad mood and made a decision to kick them off the internet.

"No one should have that power", he continued.

In the wake of in the USA town of Charlottesville, the tech industry has started to some of their services from groups associated with the far-right and those espousing racial intolerance.

The revelation about Facebook Anon's shutdown comes as US tech companies struggle with protecting workers' free speech rights and at the same time try to fight against hate speech, like Google's recent case.

Writing in a Facebook post Wednesday, the CEO said white supremacists and neo-Nazis are a "disgrace", while criticizing the "polarization in our culture".

Nevertheless, it was a distinct surge in right-wing hate postings that led Google Play, the Android phone app store, to drop Gab last week.

Rescue workers and medics tend to many people who were injured when a vehicle plowed through a crowd of counter-demonstrators marching through the downtown shopping district August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. "Tor is created to defend human rights and privacy by preventing anyone from censoring things, even us", the Tor Project explained. Now, Facebook has become not just a site for hate speech, but for calling a unity, including the corporate world, which is really perplexing and blaming "both sides". Companies like Google, Deezer and Spotify that offer music streaming services have said they would remove any music that incites violence, hatred or racism.

"Gab is trying to ensure that users have these constitutionally afforded rights".

Facebook has come under criticism for censoring people's posts because they contained words that Facebook deem offensive.