Rocket League Reveals Mario And Metroid Series Vehicles

Posted August 24, 2017

Psyonix, developer of the cars-meets-soccer phenomenon Rocket League, has revealed that the Switch version of the game will receive exclusive Nintendo-themed cars when it launches later this year. So what better way to celebrate a partnership with Nintendo than to reveal three new Battle-cars coming with the game's release. The Mario and Luigi vehicles are technically one NSR auto that come in two different colors.

Two of the cars are Mario and Luigi themed, and aptly named the Mario NSR and the Luigi NSR. This comes in two variations based on different Varia suits and come with the "Wave Beam' specialised boost".

Mario and Luigi hats will be usable on any non-licensed vehicle, and a Super Star rocket boost can be used with the Mario and Luigi NSR cars. The Gunship auto will come with a Wave Beam specialized boost.

Unlockable for free when the game launches, you'll be able to duke it out in a Mario NSR, a Luigi NSR and a auto styled after Samus' Gunship from the Metroid games. Players will be hoping that RNG is on their side, however, as item unlocks in Rocket League are entirely random.

The sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League expands on its successful pedigree with improved graphics and physics systems, a robust new single-player campaign, considerable customization options, and a fully-charged multiplayer game geared for a next-generation action-sports experience.