Spotify has Finally Arrived on Xbox One for Free and Premium Members

Posted August 09, 2017

At long last, Xbox-owning Spotify users can stream the service's music directly to their consoles.

The Spotify Xbox One app interface.

On the home screen, players will be able to see their most recently played games along with hints, suggestions and advertisements.

Not all developers have the resources to pour into a quality soundtrack and in the rare instance that a game ships with a great track listing, it's likely that you'll simply get exhausted of hearing the same songs time and again. So if you've only just got used to navigating around the new dashboard, well... get ready for some more learnin'. All you have to do is download the Spotify app from the Xbox store and then you should be good to go.

Log in to Spotify or create and account.

Spotify boasts a number of gaming-specific features.

Browse playlists from different genres and moods. This is very similar to the capabilities that Microsoft's own Groove Music app has on the Xbox One.

In terms of selecting music or building a playlist, it can either be done on the console itself via the Spotify app or from your phone, tablet, or laptop using the Spotify Connect feature.

The video at the top of the page details all of the changes and you can find the Xbox One Preview Update details/notes on the following page, as well as a look at how the "light" theme looks on the Xbox for Windows 10 app!

Do you plan on using Spotify on your Xbox One? Competing against the PS4 Pro, both consoles now boast the ability to customize an in-game soundtrack around players' preferences.

Regardless, Spotify's here to stay on Xbox and while that probably doesn't spell the end of the console cold war, it's one step on the path of reconciliation.