The 'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Gets Five Years Probation

Posted August 03, 2017

She was handed five years' probation yesterday after admitting charges of grand theft, grand theft auto, possession of marijuana and filing a false report.

He made similar claims when she pleaded guilty in court late June and tearfully told reporters: 'My daughter is being exploited.

Bregoli is now at the centre of an ongoing custody battle between her mother and father, and reportedly broke down in tears in the courtroom as her father read an emotional statement about his daughter's new-found fame.

Bregoli was sentenced to 5 years probation on Tuesday (Aug. 1) while appearing in a courtroom in Delray Beach, FL.

Danielle leaving the sentencing hearing with her mum.

Bregoli eventually admitted her allegations were false.

"I'm afraid of what she's being pushed into and who's profiting from it", said Bregoli's father, Ira Peskowitz.

Bregoli will carry out her lengthy probation sentence in California, where she now lives with her mother.

TMZ is detailing that Bregoli confronted the charges from episodes preceding her appearance on Dr Phil, which became a web sensation a year ago. Peskowitz later told the New York Post that he believes his daughter is "being groomed for a career in pornography by people who want to cash in on her freakish celebrity". Jail time woulda been a good reality show for her.

The teen could also face additional charges for a battery incident in Lake Worth, Florida that happened earlier this year.