Venezuela assembly sacks attorney general as political crisis deepens

Posted August 07, 2017

Cabello reported via Twitter that troops acted quickly to control the situation in the early morning at the Paramacay base in the central city of Venezuela. Solo le pido a Dios que lo proteja a él y a quienes lo siguen.

But neither that nor condemnations and disapprovals are effective in a country where, while Venezuelans have been dying on street protests every day since February, their leader says the struggle is between the ninety-nine percent against the one percent.

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was returned to house arrest after being detained in military prison for four days, his wife Lilian Tintori said. Eighty percent of Venezuelans live in poverty, many are suffering from malnutrition, illness and outright hunger, inflation has risen to record levels, jails are filled with political prisoners, hospitals host an overpopulation of sick children, asylum requests have increased, and on top of all this, violence is more and more common.

In the latest twist in the slow-motion crisis, Venezuela's chief prosecutor was sacked on Saturday and ordered to stand trial, less than 24 hours after a newly elected legislative superbody was installed with sweeping powers to strengthen President Nicolas Maduro's grip on power.

Chaired by the former minister of foreign Affairs Delcy Rodriguez, the Constituent assembly has the task of rewriting the 1999 Constitution promulgated by Chavez. Mr. During the vote, some members shouted "traitor" and "justice" in reference to Ortega. Witnesses said they heard gunshots through the night.

Ortega, a longtime loyalist who broke with the socialist government in April, refused to recognize the decision and vowed to continue defending the rights of Venezuelans from Maduro's "coup" against the constitution "with my last breath".

And on Saturday, when the newly-elected assembly held its first session, it voted to oust a chief prosecutor and major Maduro critic.

Venezuela's armed forces issued a statement calling the rebellion an ill-fated "propaganda show" aimed at destabilizing the country and reaffirmed their allegiance to Maduro.

"These attacks, planned by delirious minds in Miami, only strengthen the morale of our armed forces and the Bolivarian people", tweeted Socialist Party official Elias Jaua.

The constitutional assembly was seated despite strong criticism from the United States, other countries and the Venezuelan opposition, which fear that it will be a tool for imposing dictatorship.

"Venezuela is a divided country, it is a polarized country, and it will require a lot of vision and a lot of worldwide support to sit down and have a dialogue that can find a solution", said Socorro.

In a sign of its cowed, demoralized state, only a few hundred demonstrators showed up for a Friday protest against the constitutional assembly, one of the smallest turnouts in months.

Opposition leaders have sharply criticised what they call the "politicisation" of the military under Maduro and his predecessor.

Maduro said 10 of those who carried out the attack - including the two killed - had been identified as one army lieutenant who had deserted and nine civilians.