Customers urged to check financial records after Equifax breach

Posted September 17, 2017

The hackers accessed sensitive information including social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and more, so they have all the data they need to open accounts many victims will never even know about.

The Equifax breach has generated intense scrutiny of the company and could spark more regulations to protect Americans' personal data, the White House said Monday. "If you ever actually applied for credit in any way shape or form, this is data that's out there with Equifax, Experian or TransUnion". Personally, I trust IDShield ( Everyone keeps asking me if they should put a freeze on their credit. Equifax has come under fire from members of Congress, state attorneys general, and people who are getting conflicting answers about whether their information was stolen. If you've been impacted, Equifax will offer free credit monitoring for a year.

Equifax created a website that allows you check.

She says the best thing you can do is freeze your credit report.

You can not get a loan, a store credit card, possibly not even rent an apartment if they need to check your credit report. Consumers can also implement a credit freeze that prevents would-be scammers from opening new accounts using the victim's identity. Doing this earlier in tax season will make it less likely that someone else can file a fraudulent return in your name using your social security number.

Promptly report this to the account provider.Having a credit application denied when there is no reason to believe there is a problem with the credit history. If it's at risk, freeze your credit.

By now, you've heard about the breach of the financial records of Equifax, the credit reporting bureau. Equifax says those clauses do not apply in this case, something Brown says is "simply not enough".

The organization says it has been trying since the first reports of the Equifax breach surfaced to determine if it affects any of the approximately 10,000 CAA members who signed up for the program.

Peterson cautioned those affected to be sure they are signing up for Equifax's free service and not its paid service. "Just pay attention, really that's the most important thing", said Dr. McGill.