Facebook Inc (FB) "Stories" Are Completely Failing To Catch On

Posted September 08, 2017

However, enthusiastic Instagram users are bound to like it, as it'll let them avoid the Facebook app without offending relatives.

Navarra's screenshots show that Instagram users will be able to see an additional option to share their Story to Facebook.

Looking at the US population as a whole, Facebook outstrips all other social media sites as a source of news.

A potential new feature from Instagram allows users to directly share their stories to the Facebook app. The second screenshot shows that the Facebook Story will indicate that it was created and shared using the Instagram app along with the timestamp just beneath the user's name.

Instagram Stories might soon make its way to Facebook.

This type of new feature may seem a bit odd, but it may indicate a problem with the integration of the Snapchat feature on the main Facebook app. Just under half (45%) of all USA adults get news on the site (68% of its user base). So it was only logical for the photo-sharing service to add a feature to share stories on Facebook as well. We guess this shouldn't be surprising given that the different apps are used for different reasons.

The Instagram test, which appears to be now live in at least Portugal, was first spotted on Twitter by The Next Web's Matt Navarra. However, it's also possible that Facebook is starting to realize users actually do want Stories - just not in every app. The company has yet to reveal any usage stats for Facebook Stories, and a spokesperson again declined to do so when asked by Business Insider on Wednesday. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!