HAPPENING NOW: Trump Commission Meeting to Restrict YOUR Voting Rights

Posted September 15, 2017

Kobach has claimed that those results are suspect because out-of-state voters may have cast ballots for the Democrats. The commission met in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

"The claim goes something like this: The commission will meet, then they'll recommend things like photo ID or some other election security measure, then the states will adopt them".

Kobach added yesterday that there's a "high possibility" the commission he helps lead will make no recommendations once it completes its work.

Secretary of State Jim Condos says Vermont will take whatever steps are needed to protect the state's voter data base from a national commission created by President Trump.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap blasted the vice chairman of President Donald Trump's election fraud commission for claiming there's proof that thousands of illegal votes were cast in New Hampshire past year. Many of those voters were likely out-of-state college students who are still eligible to vote.

J. Christian Adams, the Public Interest Legal Foundation general counsel who will appear Tuesday, said the organization found 616 instances in New Jersey in which an undocumented immigrant - most of whom had been up-front about their citizenship status - had been allowed to register to vote.

That did not sit well with another commission member, New Hampshire's longtime secretary of state, Democrat Bill Gardner, who happened to be the host of Tuesday's commission meeting.

"We often get complaints that there are out-of-state students voting, but it is legal in New Hampshire to have a MA driver's license or MA plates on your cars, and paying out-of-state tuition to the university, and still be eligible to vote because you are domiciled in New Hampshire, meaning you spend most of your nights here", he said.

Gardner says the group's ability to reach consensus is threatened by the partisan reaction it has evoked.

The country's voting machines are susceptible to hacking, which could be done in a way so that it leaves no fingerprints, making it impossible to know whether the outcome was changed, computer experts told President Trump's voter integrity commission Tuesday.

Exclusive – Kobach: It Appears That Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire US Senate Race
The voter fraud commission is chasing shadows in New Hampshire

There are legitimate questions about the November election's integrity. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the discussion of voter fraud, and holds strong views on the topic.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The incident illustrated one of the main problems the panel faces as it goes forward with its stated mission of finding ways to instill more public confidence in US elections: The voting process is complicated and data are hard to come by, a point several witnesses emphasized on Tuesday.

"Our election process must be secure, fair and transparent, yet Trump and Kobach are using their sham commission to spread the lie of rampant fraud as a Trojan Horse for voter suppression".

Instead of searching for non-existent fraud, noted Newkirk, any presidential commission should be focused on "improving turnout, modernizing registrations and voter rolls, improving elections technology, increasing cross-state communication, reducing administrative problems, and pursuing discrepancies and instances of illegal elections actions that are prevalent and well known".

"They have invoked unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud in order to argue for the necessity of a commission to prove that voter fraud exists".

Joining the protesters was former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, a Democrat and founder of Let America Vote. This, Kobach suggested in a column that he wrote last week for Breitbart, means that most of those voters never lived in New Hampshire at all.

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has spurred controversy since it was established in May.

The New Hampshire chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP say they plan to call for the commission's dismantling. At the commission's first meeting in July, Trump said, "There's something".

Gardner is the nation's longest-serving secretary of state and has been re-elected by Democratic and Republican legislatures, largely due to his advocacy for keeping the state's primary first in the presidential nominating process.