Harvey: New Jersey sends Hurricane Sandy search and rescue teams to Texas

Posted September 03, 2017

Record-breaking rainfall has plagued most of Houston and the surrounding communities.

Flooding has damaged or destroyed thousands of homes, crippled infrastructure, washed away businesses and left the economic future of the region under a cloud.

The needs at the shelters vary, but for the most part, people are showing up just with the clothes they were wearing when they were rescued.

It may take weeks or months to survey the damage, but early estimates suggest Harvey could be one of the most expensive natural disasters in U.S. history. "And I hope that's not what happens to the folks in Texas and Harvey".

Clearly, King feels that Cruz asking for aid now while attempting to deny it to NY in 2012 is hypocritical; in addition to slamming Cruz for his lack of support for Sandy aid in 2012, King also snuck in a reference to an insult the Texas Senator made about New Yorkers during his unsuccessful bid for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016, lambasting so-called liberal "New York values" within a negative context.

At the time, Texas' Republican politicians, led by Senator Ted Cruz, overwhelmingly opposed a disaster relief package they argued was packed with wasteful spending.

"With real-life experience and top-notch training, the emergency response members from our Joint Base and our State Police are invaluable resources that will help lift Texas out of the devastation and despair caused by Hurricane Harvey", Governor Christie said.

Ted Cruz (R-Texas) rebuked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's complaint, which he voiced earlier in the show, that Cruz misled the public about a Hurricane Sandy relief package in order to posture himself as a more conservative candidate in 2016. NY wont abandon Texas. "1 bad turn doesn't deserve another".

Several prominent Republicans in NY and New Jersey think so. It was a $50 billion bill, 70 percent of which was not emergency aid. At the time he called on congressmen to "do their job". Initial conservative estimates suggest the storm could inflict upwards of $35 billion in damages and it's likely Congress will need to take up legislation to secure the necessary funds for the long recovery effort ahead.

Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, promptly petitioned President Donald Trump, asking him to sign a major disaster declaration for Texas to allow impacted areas quick access to federal clean-up dollars.

"What I would personally like to see is some emergency upfront funds to help with the temporary expenses, but as you can imagine, it is going to take a while to assess the losses".

"We're not going to hold it against those poor Texans who need our help, what their representatives tried to do to us back five years ago", said Republican Dan Donovan. But it is virtually guaranteed that Congress will pass sort of package will be passed by Congress soon after it returns from its August recess.